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‘Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends’



March 2nd & 3rd – SOLD OUT

£160 - Drawing Fur with Coloured Pencils

Snow Leopard.jpg


March 23rd & 24th

£160- Fluffy Cat in Coloured Pencils


The SAA, Newark

April 12th

£29.99 - Cat Eye in Coloured pencils

cat eye collage.jpg

North Lincs 

May 4th & 5th

Sold out

£160 - Drawing Fur with Coloured Pencils

Snow Leopard.jpg


July 8th & 9th

£160 - Snow Leopard in Coloured Pencils

Snow Leopard.jpg


September 7th & 8th

£160 - Drawing fur with Coloured Pencils

gsd finncp.jpg


September 28th & 29th 

£TBC - Drawing Fur with Coloured Pencils 


The SAA, Newark 

October 18th 

£160 - Subject TBC



I started following an amazing artist later on in 2016, and was lucky to get a place on one of her workshops in March 2017. She was an inspiration and her work is awesome. The workshop showed me a new dimension that I could add to my pieces, delving even more into the world of colour, and starting me on a slightly different route with my drawings. I owe a huge amount to Lisa Ann Watkins of Animal Art by Law, and highly recommend her workshops.
— B Snowdon UK
I want to thank you for the wonderful workshop.  I was pretty scared to attend as I am at such a beginning level and my health issues complicated things.  Both you and Lisa were so welcoming and accommodating of my vision issues.  Lisa was very helpful, as were the people surrounding me.  My picture is actually turning out fairly well and I am so anxious for the portrait workshop in May.  Doing art helps me deal with the large amount of physical pain that I endure daily.  I so look forward to learning more.  Thanks again.
— Moyra Jordan

Colored Pencil is a relatively new medium for me, and a challenging one. I was fortunate enough to attend Lisa’s sold out American workshop tour, and it’s not an exaggeration to say it changed my life. It’s a rare and precious thing to have the opportunity to learn from a master, and thanks to her Patreon, I have been able to keep learning. Lisa is a wonderful teacher, and it’s a joy to watch her work. I strongly recommend her for both beginners, and also more advanced artists who are looking to step up their game.
—  J Lowrie USA
Last year I attended a workshops here in the US by Lisa Ann Watkins.  I took art in high school but other than that, I had no training whatsoever.    Upon completing the workshop I realized I had found a new passion. Animal art and with Lisa’s methods I felt confident enough to continue trying my techniques on my own. I live in an area where art classes are not abundant. Also, I wanted to do animal art so when Lisa started her Patreon I was one of the first to sign up! Lisa’s tutorials are easy to follow. Her calm voice takes me through each step as I learn and grow as an artist.   My family and friends are truly amazed at what I have accomplished. I owe it to Lisa!  I am forever grateful for the skills I have learned from her tutorial.  I look forward to more and will continue to recommend and support her. 
— M Green, Missouri