This digital download tutorial is 44 pages long and as always, it is a very detailed step by step on how to create this beautiful fluffy Maine Coon kitty. This one is all pure dry pencil & working on suede mat board. I guide you through every single step from the initial reference photo, transferring your image, to explaining how to see the colours & undertones through to the techniques needed to build & blend your layers of pencil to achieve rich, textured fluffy fur. I also explain in depth how to work on this unusual surface that totally lends it self to creating fur texture.

(As with all of my projects, I also include a high resolution reference photo & line drawing as part of my tutorials so there is no need for you to visit other sites & buy your own.)

If you would like the full tutorial PLUS  the 6 videos that sit alongside it totalling 4 & 1/4 hours of video tuition, PLUS lots of exclusive extras, PLUS instant access to ALL of the other tutorials & videos listed below (except Aussie) then please consider signing up for my Patreon Channel. For just $10 you will receive all of this plus much more!

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