Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me. Use the contact form here on my website or email me direct on

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, most of my clients are based in the USA & Australia so overseas commissions & orders are pretty much the norm. All artwork is sent fully tracked & insured for peace of mind

Do I have a waiting list?

Yes, my waiting list is ever growing & also with the demands of some other upcoming projects I am having to reduce the no of commission slots that I can offer. Current waiting time (as of Nov 16) is 6 months but my diary is fluid & I can often find myself ahead or able to rejig things. It is always worth getting in touch to check my current availability.

Is your work archival?

Yes, absolutely! I pride myself that with all of my work, I seek to give the buyer artwork that will last a lifetime, whether it be an original or a print. It is for this reason that I only use fully archival materials when working on original pieces & also why I only ever use an accredited professional print company for my reproduction prints.

I only have individual photos of my pets but want them all together in one portrait. Is this possible?

Yes, I have worked from many individual photos of pets, piecing images together to create a scene or a memory of them all back together. It does depend on the quality of the photos so once again, good reference images are preferred.

My pet has passed away, are you able to still create a portrait?

Yes, as long as we have some good reference photos this is possible. Approx 50% of my commission work is for bridge babies. Under these circumstances the character description of the pet is even more crucial for me to work from.

Are you able to frame my portrait?

Yes & no. I am able to offer a framing service for clients in my local area but due to not being able to insure glazing for postage I am unwilling to risk any damage in transit for clients living further away. I am more than happy to advise on framing but I do find that this can be a very personal choice for most of my clients. What I might choose may not necessarily fit in with your room decor or be to your taste.